Why does sewing machine motor brushes spark

Why does sewing machine motor brushes spark.

How to solve sewing motor brush hige sparking
Sewing machine motor brushes spark

          Carbon brushes conduct electricity to the coil in the motor.  When the current is passed, spark occurs between the commutator and the corban brush.  Sparking is normal in motors.  You may have seen sparks when joining metal parts in welding shops.  

            A spark occurs when electricity travels through a transformer.  Sparking in a motor follows the same basic rule.  Moderate sparking is normal when the motor is running.  

Sewing motor commutator
Sewing motor commutator stripes

      Don't worry if there is a slight spark.  At the same time, if there is a lot of spark, there is a problem with the sewing motor.  Wire burning and smell is dangerous. you need to find out why it is happening and fix it.

Sewing motor
Sewing machine motor

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What is the causes of sparking of sewing motor.

         There are a few reasons why sewing machine motor brushes may spark excessively.  The commutator in the motor coil center armature will be damaged.  The commutator is placed as striped bars in the motor armature. 

       If the commutator gets old the plates will fall off.  The commutator acts as a transformer.  Why the commutator gets damaged, if it runs for a long time it gets damaged.  Then the carbon brushes will spark more.  

       Do not use corban brushes that are not of equal length.  Both corban brushes should be of the same length.  If the carbon brushes are attached too far from the commutator, then the carbon brush will not get support and the spark will be high.  High spark may occur due to commutator rotation error.

Sewng motor corban brushes
Sewing motor corban brushes

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Why is my armature sparking?

       If the carbon brushes are worn out or the corban brushes are worn to one side the motor will run slowly.  Then there will be more spark.  Corban brushes wear out and cause more spark due to their spring loosening.  Even if the sewing machine motor is running at low voltage, more spark will be produced.

How do you keep motor brushes from sparking?

        When carbon brushes wear out, care must be taken to ensure that both carbons wear out equally.  

        If one of the carbons wears out too much and the other wears too little, both should be replaced at the same time.  If the carbon spring tension is low, the correct spring depends on the carbon.

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How do I know if my motor brushes are bad

         Motor carbon brushes do not wear out smoothly when worn. It wears out in reclining position. And more spark will come. The sewing machine motor wear out faster when running.

How do I know if my motor brushes need replacing

           sewing motor runs slowly.  Even if you step on the accelerator a lot, the motor will run slowly.  Corban brush produces more sparks.  In this case, replace the corban brushes.

Sewing motor Corban brushes US
Sewing motor corban brushes US

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How do you fix an electric motor brush

      The motor has covers for corban brushes.  Open the lids and take out the old corban brushes.  Close the lids with new carbon brushes.

What does a commutator look like

         The commutator is placed on the motor armature as striped bars.  If these are worn out or damaged, the motor will be damaged.

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