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     Hi welcome to my website. my name is Mani.G. Basically i am a dress designer sewing consultant and youtuber. Also suggest useful things for every people.  Thanks for visiting mytailorkit website.

      I got interested in sewing when I was in school.  After school, I joined the government sewing training school and studied sewing. I worked in many sewing shops.  

      After that I got an opportunity to work in an export garment manufacturing company.  At some point there was an opportunity to take sub-contact orders and sew the export garments.  I did that for a few years.  Again I worked in a big international clothing manufacturing company. 

        While working in that company, I studied international garments pattern making as a personal student with the head pattern master who worked there then. It gave me an understanding and confidence in pattern making. It was a turning point in my life. 

         I learned how to make world class garments. Apart from that, I learned to operate all the sewing machines used for sewing. I understood all the operations from fabric to making the garments and packing them for shipping. I also understood other machines used to make garments. 

        Working there was an unforgettable experience. Currently I am running my own sewing shop. I teach sewing through video. I give advice and suggestions about sewing machines and patterns for making clothes to those who are new to sewing. All questions about fabric sewing answered. I love sewing

          I hope you can find a lot of information about sewing and sewing machines if you browse my website.  You can learn sewing through videos on my Youtube channel.

Thanks for visiting.  🙏🙏🙏🙏

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