How to fix power leakage in sewing machine motor.

How to fix power leakage in sewing machine motor.

How to solve power leakage in sewing machine motor
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      In this post, I will explain why the electric leak occurs in the sewing engine motor and how to fix it. Running the motor in an electrical leak is dangerous. There are a lot of reasons for electrical leaks. 

       If you have a basic understanding of the sewing machine motor, you can try to fix the electrical leak. if you don't know anything about the Motor, it is better to buy the adjustment at the Electric Service store. 

      Although there are many reasons for electrical leakage in a sewing machine, if you check patiently, you can find out where the electrical leakage is.  

        The tool required for this is a power tester. If you have basic knowledge about motor operation, you can check the following areas. If you do not know anything about the operation of the motor, it is better to take it to an electrical shop and get it fixed. 

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Main reason for power leakage :

●Check the motor for any wire damage. 

● Check that the plug pin connecting to the switch is properly inserted. 

● Check that the neutral wire is connected correctly. 

● Open the inside of the accelerator and check that any wire or screw is properly tightened and not loose. 

       These are the main causes of power leakage.

Solutions for power leakage :

◆If the wire is damaged, replace the wire with a new one.

◆If the plug bin connecting to the switch is loose or does not fit properly, it should be properly tightened.

◆If there is no neutral wire in the electrical connection to which the motor is connected, a neutral wire should be connected.  Or if the neutral wire is a loose connection, it should be properly tightened.

◆If the screw connecting the wires inside the accelaretor is not properly tightened, it should be adjusted.

If you still have any doubts, watch the video posted below.

       If everything I said above is correct, the best solution is to take it to a service center and get it fixed if there is a power leak. Attempting to repair a motor without knowing the basic wiring can be dangerous.

       If you have any doubts about this, post it in the comment section.

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