Why does the sewing machine motor belt often come off

Why does the sewing machine motor belt often come off?

Why does the sewing machine motor belt often come off?
sewing machine motor belt 

  In this post, I will tell you why the motor belt falls off in the sewing machine.  How it works is that this belt is used to rotate the head wheel of the machine when the motor rotates.  How is the motor pulley setting?  Why does the belt not wrap properly and fall off?  Generally sewing machine motor is manufactured in many models.  

         The belt is also made in different lengths.  Many sewing machine models.  Motors are manufactured by different companies.  Not all companies make the same motor, belt, sewing machine.  This is what makes the motor belt difficult to handle.  Let me tell you in detail about the motor belt.

Sewing machine motor belt
Sewing machine motor belt
          If the motor belt falls off frequently, it will cause irritation and distraction while sewing clothes.  This will hinder the making of clothes neatly.  It is impossible to complete the stitching in time.  Time will be wasted. 

         Therefore, the cause of the motor belt coming off should be known and corrected. There are a few reasons why a sewing machine motor belt can come off.  Let's see what they are.

Reason for the motor belt come off:

●The motor belt may be slightly loose.  
●The motor pulley may slip and move back and forth without being properly tightened.   
●The motor may not be oriented. So that the motor's pulley is in line with the sewing machine wheel.
●Motor belt may be damaged.

       These are the main reasons why the motor belt often comes off.

Solution for motor belt come off:

◆The motor pulley should be aligned with the sewing machine wheel. 
◆If the motor belt is loose, tighten the belt.
◆If the motor pulley is loose, tighten it.
◆Choose the right size motor belt for the circumference of the wheel.
◆If the motor belt is damaged, a new belt should be changed.

More details watch this below video      

           Fixing these can prevent the motor belt from frequently coming off.

 If you have any doubts about this, post it in the comment section.

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