What are the common sewing machine troubles

What are the  common sewing machine troubles

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          hi, in this post I will tell you how to repair a sewing machine.  Everyone in the sewing industry should know how to repair sewing machines at least to some extent.  

         While starting to learn sewing, you should also learn to repair. In this post I have mentioned the common repairs and solutions for sewing machine and motor.

1. Why threads jamming in sewing machine bobbin case.  

         While the sewing machine is winding the thread on the bobbin, it should be rotated with medium pressure. While fitting the bobbin case to the shuttle, the thread should be fixed by following the proper procedure.

        Do not reverse the sewing machine. Old warped bobbins should not be used.

2. How to solve bunch of threads stitch problem. 

         Loop stitches are sewn while sewing.  This means that the thread will sew like a rope, A bunch of stitches will come out while sewing.  knotted and tangled. During machine sewing, the bobbin may not rotate properly. 

         The thread may get stuck between the bobbin shuttle. May be bobbin bend. The upper thread may become tangled. Upper thread tension may be too loose.

3. How to fix loose stitching.

       A loose stitch will come out without the proper tightness of the stitch.  This means that the stitched thread on the upper or lower side of the stitched fabric is loose without the required tightness.  

        This problem occurs when yarn thickness varies.  If the seam at the bottom of the fabric is loose, tighten the tension disk in the machine head.  If there is a loose stitch on the upper side of the fabric, make the bobbin case tight.

4. Why does fabric get stuck in sewing machine?  

       During machine sewing, the fabric does not move and gets stuck.  Does not move forward.  If the stitch length is set too short, sometimes the fabric gets stuck.  

       The fabric is stuck even though the sewing machine needle plate is damaged.  If the tooth screw is loose, the cloth will not move forward and get stuck.

5. Why sewing machine pedal wheel connecting rod come off.  

         If the foot pedal is a sewing machine, the connecting rod will cut off the pedal and the wheel.  If the pedal wheel connecting rod nut bolt is loose, tighten it.

6. Why does the pedal wheel runs bend.

        The center nut bolt in the table wheel will become loose.  Then the pedal wheel bend will rotate internally.  Sometimes it falls off.  The wheel nut bolt should be properly tightened.

7. Why is my sewing machine vibrating at high speed.

         If your machine vibrates too fast, you should check that your sewing machine is placed on level ground.  Check whether the table screw is loose.  If it is loose, make it tight.

8. Why manual sewing machine foot pedal come off.  

         If the nut bolt on the foot pedal is loose, tighten it.  If the nut bolt is damaged, replace it with a new one.    

9. Why does the sewing machine treadle belt often fall off

        The sewing machine belt may be loose or damaged.  The sewing table can rotate as a wheel bend.  Correct these and the belt will not come off.

Repairs in sewing machine motor.:

1.Why sewing motor carbon brushes sparking?.  

         It is normal for sewing machine motor carbon brush to spark.  Too much spark is not good.  High spark means your motor is in need of repair.  The carbon brush may be worn.  Carbon brush spring may be loose.  Could be commutator damage.  Correcting these will prevent the motor from sparking too much.

2. Why sewing motor belt often comes off.

       There may be belt loose or belt damage.  Even if the motor pulley is loose without being properly tightened, the belt will fall off.  Using the correct size belt will prevent the belt from falling off. 

3. Why sewing motor pulley often fall off

        If the sewing motor pulley screw is loose or the motor pulley is damaged, it will come off.  If the pulley screw is loose, tighten it.  If the pulley is damaged, replacing it with a new pulley will fix it.

4. Why does the sewing motor run very slowly?  

         The carbon brush is worn or the carbon brush spring is loose.  A new carbon brush replacement will run faster.  Even if the motor coil is weak, it runs slowly.  It can be repaired by giving it to an electrical shop.

5. Why does power leakage occur in the sewing motor

        The important reason is wire damage.  The switch connecting plug is broken.  Not providing earth connection.  Accelerators have loose contact.  If these are fixed then there will be no power leakage.  No shock.

6. Why does the sewing motor run without control?  

        The sewing machine motor runs fast even after you stop pressing the accelerator.  The main reason for this is the breakage of the copper plate that gives the speed control switch in the accelerator.  Copper plate is burnt and corroded.  Bending of copper plate.  Replacing the copper plate with a new one will fix it.

7.Why does the sewing machine motor run very slowly? 

    Motor carbon brush is worn out. Carbon brush spring is loose. Motor coil will be weak. A new carbon replacement will make the motor run faster.

    I hope you found this post useful. If you have any doubts about this, post it in the comment section.

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