How to get swift code and swift copy ?.

What is swift copy? 

Swift copy
Swift copy sample

How to get swift copy from sender?.

How to get google adsense  payment for my youtube / website ?

        Before we know what a Swift copy is, Suppose a company sends us money or salary from abroad. Suppose I make money in foreign companies or on youtube or through wepsite.

      Let’s see how the company that owes us the money we earn sends us the money.

      The company or google adsense will send it to us through an international bank in that country to the head office of the bank where we have the account.

        That head bank will credit our existing bank account with its branch bank account. This is how foreign companies or google adsense send us money through the bank.

       To give money from abroad like this, when creating the company we work for or the google adsense account we will be asked to submit the bank account details that we have in the account.

  1. In which our name.  Name
  2.  The name of the bank where we have the account.  Bank name
  3.  Bank account number.  account number)
  4.  IFSC CODE.
  6.  Some other information such as

●What is swift code?

       The swift code is the foreign exchange code of the head bank of the bank where we have an account. Swift code will be kept separately by the leading banks for foreign exchange transactions.

        To receive money from abroad we need to enter the swift code correctly when giving bank information.

          If we make a mistake in entering the Swift code, we will have trouble crediting the money sent by our company to the bank account.  They will not credit our bank account.

     If the money that came to us is not given the correct information then something else will go and stop at the bank branch.  They will not credit our bank account until we give the correct information.

         They will send us an e-mail stating that payment has been sent from google.  We will print the mail copy and keep it in our bank.

        The bank officer will open our account and say that no money has been credited.  We will show you the copy that came in the mail.

          He will look at the mail copy and say OK but no money.  Next he will contact the company that sent us the payment and ask.

          This is what is happening to us.  We search on youtube video or google how to make money.  Do not apply for a swift copy immediately. All you have to do is apply to buy a Swift copy.  Next we will see what to do.

         We need to write a short letter and send a mail to the bank manager stating that the money has not been credited to our bank account. Next you need to ask for the telephone number of the head office of our bank that handles foreign currency.

      Just like our bank did the letter mail, we sent a mail to the head bank and contacted them on the phone and the money from abroad was not credited to our account.  Ask if the money has arrived.

        If the bank says that the money asked for several times did not come, then we can apply for a swift copy

       Swift copy will arrive in the mail within a week of application.  Send it by mail to the bank.  Swift copy will be traced and deposited in our bank account within one month of submission.  

       You can be sure of your outstanding balance with the banks if you submit all the required documents.

●What is swift massage copy ?

●What is Swift copy full form?

Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT)

●How can we get swift copy from bank?

      You should contact the company or your payment sender by email.or help line. You should report him about your payment not receive Situation

      Then they will give you a request form. U fill and submit the details like your payment bill number, payment amount, payment receipt, date, month and year.

       They will send u swift copy massage within 4,, or 5 days of sending dates. If you give that swift massage copy to your local bank or head office, They will find your payment with the details , and credit your money..

Swift copy samples.

Swift copy samples
Swift copy 

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