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Home use singer 984 stand table 24 designs stitches fashion maker special features

Singer 984 table stand sewing machine
Singer 984 table stand sewing machine

●Fashion maker model no - 984 ( With table stand )

           I hope you are looking for information about sewing machines.  I make posts about sewing machine information and dress making on our website. 
          In this post I will post information about the advance feature in the fashion maker table stand tailoring machine that sews 24 designs.  This post will be useful for you if you are looking to buy a sewing machine with a special features.

         The tailoring machine we are going to learn about on this page has the same features as the table top 8280 fashion maker sewing machine and many more advanced features.

●Singer 984 table stand special features

         These table top machines can also be powered by a motor attached to its interior.  Not only this, with the help of foot you can do pedaling and pedal running.

          We can pedal the sewing machine and finish sewing clothes even if the power supply stops (corrent cut) while sewing clothes.

          The accelerator is provided by stepping on the foot to operate the motor quickly and slowly, as if sewn up.

Singer 984 fashion maker
Singer 984 fashion maker  with table stand

        Let us see what are the other features of this table top machine. There is an LED bulb on the side of the needle to see clearly and correctly when sewing.

         Fashion maker is not only straight stitching, it is also designed to make 24 to 30 different design stitches. Using these machines we can put 30 types of design stitches in our clothes.

         The best thing is that you can sew the buttonhole and button using this fashion maker model 984. This Singer Electric FM 984 Foot Motorise Sewing Machine price is affordable for everyone.

          Watch the video below to know how to put yarn on Singer 984 machine and how to make design stitches.

How to select design stitches pattern watch below video

Also, watch the video below to know more about this machine

         If you want to buy this machine or a sewing machines like this, if you want contact phone number, dealer address, watch the video below.

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