How to fix sewing machine bobbin case in shuttle properly

1, How to fix sewing machine bobbin case in shuttle properly
2, How to fill thread in a tailoring machine bobbin and bobbin case

Seeing machine bibin case
Bobbin case

         In this post I have explained in detail the first step of sewing on a sewing machine, filling the thread in the bobbin and how to properly fit the bobbin in the machine.  Before we learn sewing we need to know about the sewing machine and how to keep the machine ready to operate it properly.  .

          We use two threads to sew on the sewing machine.  One of which is the fix thread above.  The second thread is the thread that fills the bobbin and fixes it to the shuttle at the bottom of the machine.  
        In these two threads, I have explained in another post how to fix the thread above on the sewing machine.  If you want to read that post, the link of that post is below.  In this post we will look at how to properly thread and fix a shuttle on a bobbin case.

      If you are a begginner in sewing, it is important to know what problems can occur when the bobbin is not properly fixed.  Let me tell you what they are.

Sewing machine rotating hook shuttle
Sewing machine rotating hook shuttle

     ◆ If the bobbin shuttle does not fit perfectly, the needle will break or bend first when sewing.  The needle becomes unusable to bend and sew.  Turns needle and shuttle timing.  Other parts attached to the needle will also be damaged.  This can cause the machine to be repaired beyond repair.

    ◆ The thread gets totally stuck in the shuttle and bobbin.  That means the thread will tangle a little or a whole like rope.  If the thread gets tangled it will take more time to fix it.  Thus wasting time.
     ◆ The skip stitch may not come off neatly.  It leaves the seam knot and sews.  Loose stitch may occur alternately at the top stitch and bottom stitch.  These loose stitches are easily disassembled.  Thus a good strong seam is not available.
      ◆ The needle touches the bobbin when the bobbin is sewn without fixing properly.  Thus damaging the bobbin.  The needle will be damaged when the damaged bobbin is used.  The damaged bobbin cannot rotate properly.  Thus leaving loose stitch leaving the seam

       ● Sometimes the sewing machine is more likely to become completely stuck.  If it gets stuck, it can be fixed only with a machanic
       ● Now we know that bobbin and bobbin case combine properly.  Please read and understand the tips I mentioned below and fix the bobbin case accordingly.  Sewing machine will put beautiful stitches.

● The bobbin case must be properly connected when connecting.  

● When spinning the thread in the bobbin should not spin the full bobbin filling size.  The yarn should wrap around the entire bobbin a little less.  That's right, 90% of the bobbin is spinning.

 ● If the sewing machine has thread winders, it is better to spin the thread using it.  In the absence of thread winter, the thread can spin on the wheel.

● The thread in the bobbin should spin the right amount of tension.  

● Rotate slightly less than the full take.  

● If the bobbin full circle is round the thread will have difficulty in spinning.  

Bobbin case
Bobbin and bobbin case

● Thus comes the loose stitching at the bottom of the seam.  

● The thread in the bobbin should come out at the correct tense level.  

● Bobbin Tensen's size should not be too high or too low.  

● The dak  (kadak) sound on the shuttle should make a noise when connecting the bobbin case. 

 ● If the dak (kadak) noise comes it can be understood that the bobbin is properly aligned.  .  

Watch the attached video below to know exactly how the Pope connects


Video source in my own youtube .

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