Best industrial sewing machines

Best industrial sewing machines

        Industrial sewing machines are sewing machines that are widely used in the manufacture of textile or leather garments. Let's see what are its special features.

        These machines can sew at a speed of 5500 stitches per minute.  Sewing speed can be increased or decreased.

         Stand The threading stand will be alone on the table.  This will prevent the machine from sewing too fast and will not cause any problems with knitting or knitting.

        The presser foot can be lifted / lowered using the knee.  There will be no vibration as there is a thick wide plywood table.  Accommodation at the table is high. Has large powerful clutch motor.

        Easy to sew on thick and hard fabrics. Not only this, with the help of industrial sewing machines every company machine has many more unique features.

         Let me mention the top level industrial sewing machine 4. Watch the video below to know more about Machine

1. JUKI DDL- 5550

JUKI DDL- 5550 model seeing machine

2. JUKI DDL-8700

JUKI DDL- 8700 model sewing machine

3. SINGER S 16 .

Singer S-16 model sewing machine


Brother PQ1500DC  model sewing machine

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