How to sew a men's shirt

 How to sew a men's shirt.

How cut mens shirt pattern and stitching

How to take shirt measurements and cut a shirt pattern 

        To cut and sew the shirt, first you need to know how many parts there are in the shirt.  I will tell you how many they are.

How many parts are in the shirt?

1 front part 2
2 back part 1
3 sleeves 2
4  yoke 2
5  pocket 1
6 college 4 part
7 Cuff 4 part

A basic shirt has a total of 15 pieces to cut.

       It is important to take proper measurements to cut the shirt properly.  Taking the measurements very accurately is important if the shirt is to fit perfectly on the body.  Let me tell you what are the direct measurements to take on the shirt.

What is the direct measurements.?

1 height
2 shoulder length.
3 chest
4 armhole
5  sleeve length
6 cuff length
7 cuff width
8 bicep
9 L Bow
10  pocket size
11 neck length

       A shirt can be cut using the direct measurements mentioned above.  Apart from these measurements, there are some indirect measurements which we mark ourselves without taking measurements.  Learning to sew is essential to knowing the approximate measurements we use.  These are indirect measurements that non-stitchers don't know how to mark.  Let me give some examples of what they are.

What is the indirect measurements

1 placket measure
2 centre line
3 neck width
4 neck down
5 shoulder slop
6 armhole circumference
7 coller width
8 bind width
9 sleeve placket length and width
10 காலர் point etc..

There are many sizes like this.

        Let's see how to cut the shirt parts step by step.  The direct measurements mentioned above should be taken using a size shirt.  Or measurements can be taken directly with a person standing.  Now let's see which parts should be cut in order and what are the sizes used to cut those parts.

How to mark and cut the shirt front part ?

 First cut two in front.  For this, two layers of fabric can be cut together simultaneously.  It should be cut on the stain side as per the nature of the fabric or on the front as per the design.  First you need to make a mark to fold the bar.  Next, the lower side should be marked and left to fold the bottom.  Next, measure the height of the shirt.  When placing the height, leave the necessary kacha to hold the stitches at the top

   Next, mark the width of the neck and the drop.  Next, mark the solder size and solder slope.  Mark the armhole drop from the solder level.  Next, mark the chest size.  In this, kacha should be left to hold the seam for the chest and chest sizes as well.  After marking these dimensions properly, they can be pre-cut as well.  This is the pre-cut method.  Let's see how to cut the back next.

 How to mark and cut the back part of the shirt?

       Fold the fabric to cut the back of the shirt.  The fold should be reliable and the front part should be placed above the center line of the already cut front over the fold.  The solder height of the front part should be marked as the height of the back part.  Now mark the solder level from the fold of the back part.  Leave 1/4 inch more kacha (seam allowance) for the back than for the front.  The size of the bottom should be cut to the size of the front part as well as the back part.  The back part mark is so much.  Now we can cut the part.

How to mark and cut the sleeve parts of the shirt?
The sleeve part of the shirt should be cut in two.  Cut one hand and use it to cut another hand.  When cutting the second hand, the inner and outer sides of both hands should be arranged and cut carefully.

When the second hand is cut, if the inside and outside of the two hands are not opposite, then the two hands will be on the same side.  So when cutting the hands, carefully look inside and out.  Now let's know the sizes used for cutting hands and how to cut them

Fold the fabric lengthwise to the required length to cut the arms.  Mark the arm length measurement after subtracting the cup measurement of the arm.  When marking the arm length size, join the arm to the armhole side and join the cup, leaving a gap to hold the seam.  Mark the connecting side of the cut 3/4 inch above the cup length.
For the next L-Bow size, mark the width of the L-bow directly at the 13th inch of arm length.  The side connecting the hand to the armhole should be 4 inches, then add the bicep kacha and mark and draw it as a curve.  Otherwise, I have shown the armhole curve and sleeve placket open mark in the previous video.  Look at it and cut it out.  Next let's see how to cut the solder yoke.
 How to cut a shirt  solder or yoke part

     Solder called Yoke should be cut into two parts.  Direct measurements are used while cutting the solder part and some indirect measurements that we specify.  In which neck width and neck drop are indirect measurements.  First, fold the required length of fabric diagonally.  Since the fabric is folded, the solder size should be divided into two and marked by adding kacha to the seamstress.

On the other side of the fold, mark the solder width measurement on the arm joining side.. Next, mark the width measurement on the neck side.  Next, mark the neck width measurement.  Solder width measurements should also include kacha.  After marking these measurements correctly the yoke can be cut.  Using the same solder, cut the second solder.  One is the top solder and the other is the bottom solder.  Next I will tell you how to cut the collar

        How to cut a shirt collar?

The collar wax is cut into the interlining with a sticky flow.  The collar is made of two parts cut separately and joined together.  One of them is collar and other is band.  First cut the band.  Fold the collar canvas.  Mark the neck length measurement.  Mark the 1 inch width measurement.  Watch the video recorded below and mark how light the band should be.

Cut the collar on the band side.  Collar length should be marked 1/2 inch less than Band.  Collar width measurement should be 3/8 inch more than the band.  Collar point should be 2 3/4 inches.  Mark like this and connect the lines and cut.  If you don't understand a bit, watch the video recorded below and cut it.  Next I will tell you how to cut the cuff.

How to cut a shirt cuff?

The arm cuff is cut into the fusing canvas.  Mark the length and width measurements on the cuff canvas and cut it.  Two cuff cuts.  This is the method of cutting the cuff.  So far I have explained clearly how to cut all the parts.  If you have difficulty understanding here, I have posted a video of cutting these shirt parts.  See it and understand.  Next I will tell you how to sew a shirt.


How cut mens shirt pattern and stitching

Men's full hand shirt/full sleeve measuring  cutting video.

How to stitch a shirt

     After cutting the shirt we will learn how to sew it.  First sew the straps of the front parts of the shirt.  A pocket should be sewn on the left side of the front.  Solder and stitch at the back.  Sleeve placket should be sewn on the arms.

The collar cuff canvas lining should be ironed and glued to the shirt fabric.  Next sew the collar.  Finally, the cuff should be sewn.  Now you will understand how to prepare all the parts sequentially.  Let's continue to learn how to join shirt parts to make a shirt.

       Solder the two front parts of the shirt and sew them together.  Next two arms should be joined and stitched to the front and back side of the soldered parts.  Its name is sleeve attaching.  Next, side finishing stitch should be done.. Bottom should be folded and stitched.  Cuff should be attached.  Finally, the collar attaching closing stitch should be done.  Now a beautiful shirt is ready.  Similarly, cut and sew a shirt.  You can.

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