Free online tailoring classes for blouse

Free blouse online tailoring classes for blouse

Womens blouse sewing course
Women Blouse tailoring course

          It can be learned very easily if you are interested in learning the sewing profession.  Many people think that they can learn sewing only if they join an institute directly.  In my experience I would say that the online course is the right choice if you want to save time and money. 

          It is true that anything in this digital world can be learned online.  I will explain in detail via video how to cut and sew clothes in the sewing industry.  I have posted those videos here.  It is completely free.  You can definitely learn sewing for free if you try and practice by watching the videos I post here.
          I teach womens blouse cutting stitching and mens shirt cutting stitching in a free video course. First you can take the blouse sewing tutorial in this post.  Next up is the second shirt sewing tutorial you can learn in another post.

1. Blouse free online video course.

●Video 1 basic instruction and measurements

●Video 2. Important measurements

●Video 3. Body measurements calcullation.

●Vidro 4. How to take measurement correct way.

●Video 5. Back part cutting explanation.

●Video 6. Front part cutting explanation.

●Vdeo 7. Sleeve (hand) cutting explanation.

●Vidro 8. Cross belt (patti) hook patti cutting explanation.

●Vidro 9. Blouse back part stitching easy method explanation.

●Video 10. Blouse front cup shape stitching explanation.

●Video 11. Blouse cross helt( patti) stitching explanation.

●Video 12. Blouse hook patti and I (eye) patti stitching explanation.

●Video 13. Blouse sleeve hem stitch and sleeve attaching explanation.

●Video 15. Blouse side joint and neck finishing explanation.

●Video 16 . Blouse sleeves / neck hand hemming and hook  / I loop hand stitching explanation.

        You have carefully watched the videos posted in this post.  I hope you have understood how to cut and sew womens blouse with this post.  Do not hesitate to post a comment if you have any other doubts about maybe blouse cutting or sewing. Similarly men shirt sewing course is on our website. If you want to learn mens shirt you can check that post.  Best of luck.

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Cheap price tailoring courses in India.

1, gents pant cutting / stitching
2, gents shirt cutting / stitching
3, women blouse cutting / stitching.
4, women churidar and pyjama pant set cutting / stitching.

Are you looking for learn tailoring ? Best tailoring course available in India. It is a basic tailoring course. Teaching language tamil. Fully video formatted course. As like a institute teaching method very clearly explained

Available sewing courses;

1 Gents pant cutting and stitching  ₹ 100 
2 gents shirt cutting and stitching ₹ 100
3 Women basic blouse cutting and stitching ₹ 100
4 women churidar and pyjama pant set cutting stitching course ₹ 100

Totally four courses ₹ 400 only.
Foreign fees $ 15 US doller only
India fees  ₹ 100 rupees only

Call now get about course details. 

Play this  video for more details.

Another latest update video about sewing course. Explained this video.

Further details contact whatsapp number: +919087891330

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