sewing machine shuttle hook timing adjustment settings. Needle not catching bobbin thread problem solved

sewing machine shuttle hook timing adjustment settings. Needle not catching bobbin thread  problem solved

sewing machine shuttle hook timing adjustment settings. Needle not catching bobbin thread  problem solved
Shutlle hook timing adjustment

Why does a sewing machine skip a stitch?

          If you are a seamstress then you will face many problems with sewing machine while sewing.  While sewing, the seam may have a loose seam on the top side or the bottom side.  The belt of the sewing machine may break.  The needle may break.  

        The sewing machine may vibrate a lot.  It is time to stop sewing.  There will be many problems like this.  Repair problems that occur when you sew clothes like this may prevent you from completing your sewing on time.  Stitching quality may decrease.

        This can also cause you as a tailor to be distressed.  These problems last until you learn how to fix minor repairs on your sewing machine.  So you should learn to fix minor repairs on the sewing machine while you are sewing.  If we know how the sewing machine works, we can repair the faults ourselves.

         You will be practicing and learning to sew.  You will be an excellent tailor.  However, it is very difficult to repair a faulty sewing machine.  This is called skip stitch.  

         Even a good seamstress can find it difficult to repair a skip stitch sewing machine.  In this post, I will tell you how to properly fix the skip stitch error that occurs in the sewing machine.

Why skip stitch repair occurs in sewing machine?.

       If the sewing machine needle is not attached properly, the needle will knock on the shuttle if it is attached incorrectly.  Then the needle breaks and the hook shuttle timing changes.  A skip stitch occurs when the hook shuttle timing changes.  Leave the seam and sew.  
       Next, the hook shuttle timing changes when the needle breaks while sewing the fabric.  The needle does not pick up.  Skip stitch will occur.  
        If the sewing fabric is designed with stones and beads, the needle will break if the needle is sewn on the design stones and beads.  Skip stitch will occur.  Skip stitch problem can be avoided even if the fabric is stitched in this type of situation.

How to adjust sewing machine hook shuttle timing?

      To adjust the hook shuttle timing some parts need to be removed.  Let me tell you what they are in order.  Take a screw driver to remove them.  First, remove the needle.  Next remove the needle plate.  

         Next remove the presser feet.  Finally, the feed dog should be removed.  Now clean the hook shuttle.  Next remove the three screws attaching the hook shuttle and keep the screw in place.

       Now the hook shuttle can move around independently and change its position.  Now fit a new needle.  One side of the needle is grooved like a long line.  On the other side of the needle there is a hole for threading on the side of the needle tip. 
        1/2 cm long groove will be above it.  This 1/2cm groove will go close and carry the shuttle hook point thread.  When the thread wraps around the shuttle, a knot is formed and a stitch is obtained.    

How to shuttle hook timing adjustment properly?.

         The needle should be lowered all the way down.  Next, rotate the shuttle hook point and move it near the needle and stop it.  Now.  The groove-like structure of the needle is slightly below the shuttle hook point.  Next, the groove like structure of the needle should come straight to the shuttle hook point and the needle should be raised just a little and stopped.

        Next, three screws should be kept tight so that there is a gap of 0.5 cm between the groove-like structure of the needle and the shuttle hook point.  Now all the parts that have already been removed should be properly connected.  
       Now if you sew, the sewing machine will sew.  Skip stitch does not occur.  This is how to adjust the shuttle hook timing.  I hope you found this post useful.  I have posted this as a video.  Watch it and understand better.


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