How to choose a sewing machine.

How to choose a sewing machine .
Which is best sewing machine.

Table top sewing machine fashion maker
Table top sewing machine

     Hi, Sewing machines are available in a lot of models and brands in the market. When we think of buying a sewing machine for ourselves, it is natural to get confused when buying a sewing machine for the first time. 

      Before we decide what brand of machine we can buy, it is a good idea to know what type of machine we need or what the right machine is.

     Such as which sewing machine to buy, how to buy a sewing machine, what is the right machine for us and what is a good sewing machine. 

       If you are going to buy a sewing machine first, if you are confused, if you have stumbling block in choosing a sewing machine. this post will help you. I am going to say  a lot of things, a lot of tips.

Best sewing machine for beginners
Stand table sewing machine

 what type of tailor are you?

To choose the right machine, we need to clearly decide what kind of sewing business we are going to do. The sewing industry can be divided into several categories as follows to select the right sewing machine. That's what it is,.
     If the clothes you are buying do not fit your body properly, you may want to do an altratiion and wear it yourself.
   You can design and sew new designs tv that you like and enjoy wearing them.
   Working in an office you may be a part time tailor at home. That means the clothes you sew may be tailor-made not only for you, but also for your family and friends, and others who order you to sew.
   You can be a small shopkeeper who orders and sews local women's clothing, men's clothing, children's clothing, school uniforms and all clothing.
    May be a wholesaler of ready-made garments and distributor to retail stores locally. That is to say, let us assume that he is the maker of a large number of ready-made garments.
    They may be the operators of a ready-made garment company that manufactures and sells ready-made garments in bulk on a large scale. That means you can be an exporter who makes ready-made garments and exports them abroad

Sewing machine stitches
Sewing machine stitches

       So far we have divided the sewing industry into several sections. I hope you understand your involvement and role in the sewing industry from reading the post  I have made so far. 

      This makes it easy to choose the machine for you. Now you can choose the right sewing machine for you based on the categories of sewing industry mentioned above.

        As far as I know a lot of people are saying that when you buy a new machine to learn sewing you are betrayed without buying a good perfect machine. 

       That is to say that the sewing machine they bought was not suitable for sewing and that machine did not even put four stitches.  That is absolutely true.  Needless to say it was a waste of money and stress. 

       The main reason for this is that buyers have experienced this frustration without properly inquiring as the machine is available at low prices.  Thus it can be said that there are many who have gone without the desire to learn sewing. 

        Therefore, it is better to read the best tips when buying a sewing machine.  Do not buy a sewing machine without knowing what a good machine is.  Let’s see which machines to avoid buying

Sewing machine stitching
Sewing machine stitching design stitches

which type sewing machine don't buy ?

     When you first buy a machine for home use or for alteration work in the sewing industry. Don't buy very small sewing machines like the toy machine which is available at a very low price.  

      They make a lot of unusable machines in the market and sell them at very low prices.  We are disappointed with the wording of the lowest price.  So avoid using the lower price option.

    None of these stitches can be sewn properly by these machines like a toy sewing machine.  Let’s see how to identify these false sewing machines.

How to identify a faulty sewing machine.

       some people saying that I have purchased mini sewing machine but thread from the bottom not coming and working up what to do

      If you look at this sewing machine, this type of machine does not have a shuttle part and bobbin case that sews half round or full round. Instead of a shuttle, that part is designed to fit just the bobbin. Thus these machines do not sew clothes properly. 
      Sewing machines made without bobbin case and shuttle part and sold at very low prices should not be buy. Didn't buy and do not be disappointed. I hope you now understand what kind of product machines to avoid buying.

Sewing machine bobbin and bobbin case
Bobbin fixing into a bobbin case

how to identify the right sewing machine.

  A perfect sewing machine is basically have a half rotate shuttle or a full rotate shuttle. There will be a structure around the thread on the bobbin, put in a bobbin case, and sewn attached on the shuttle at the bottom. These types of sewing machines are the perfect 
machines. Should choose to buy only such machines. 

      I hope that from reading this post so far I will be able to identify the right sewing machine and the wrong sewing machine. Now it is easy to choose the right machine for you. Continue to see what is the right sewing machine you need now.

1. Do you  make clothes mending or alteration work ?

       If ​​you are buying a sewing machine to do only your dresses altration or you can design and sew your own clothes, you can buy a table top machine. 

      This machine does not have a stand table. Can be sewn anywhere in the house. Can be kept on small cupboard after sewing. Does not take up much space. 

     The price of the machine you buy budjet can range from $ 85 to $ 95 in USA . If it is India I recommend a budget range of ₹ 4000 to 5000. But you have to choose and buy a branded machine.

      Here I have shown some sample machines.  If you prefer, you can buy any other branded machines available in your country.  But let the machine budget limit be the size I suggested above

Table top seeing machine for sending and altration
Table top sewing machine

Round Arm Body hand basic machine
Hand basic sewing machine

home use sewing machine for to create own designs

      Do you create design and sew clothes for yourself? That means you can buy table top machines that can be called fashion maker. This machine can create and sew more than 20 design stitches.  

      Button hole and button can also be sewn. The price of the machine you buy budjet can range from $ 120 to $ 250. In India, it costs around 8000 to ₹ 9000. But only select one brand machine and buy something.

Table top fashion maker
Table top fashion maker

Do you want to run a small sewing shop?

     The stand table machine would be the perfect choice for making the perfect outfit for you and running a small shop.  You can buy and use basic stand table machines if the clothes you make are limited. 

      The price of this sewing machine in India ranges from 7000 to 8000.  In countries like the USA the budget can range from $ 150 to $ 250.  The machine model will look like the one shown below.

Small stand table sewing machine
Small stand table sewing machine

Do you want to run a sewing shop that makes more clothes?

      If you have a large quantity of sewing clothes in your shop you should buy and use a little bigger stand table machine.  The cost of these sewing machines in India ranges from 11000 to 12000.  

      In countries like the USA the machine budget can range from $ 400 to $ 600.  These types of machines would be the perfect choice to run a small shop.  It should look like some of the machine models shown below.

Workmate  sewing machine model 95T10
Stand table sewing machine

Do you want to start a readymade garment industry?

         Suppose you want to start a readymade garment manufacturing industry and are going to order and sew locally and abroad.  The most important thing is to sew clothes fast when running a company like this.  

       Sewing machines purchased for such industry should be running three shifts a day.  So heavyduty sewing machines are the right choice to run the industry.  Now let’s see what are the right sewing machines needed for the sewing industry.

         1. There are a lot of fast sewing heavyduty machines fitted with clutch motor available in the market.  Prices start at Rs 16,000.  You can buy and use these machines.  I have posted the model below the sewing machine.

Heavy-duty sewing machine clutch motor
Heavy-duty sewing machine

         2. High speed sewing heavyduty machines with direct drive motor mounted electronic control are also available.  Direct drive motorized sewing machines also have some advanced features that are easy to operate.  Direct drive machines are available from 20000. 

        There are many models of heavyduty machines with advanced feature in direct drive motor sewing machines available in the market. 

      The price will continue to rise accordingly.  Below I have put the models of some of the machines I suggested.  It will be convenient to understand the machines in this post.

Direct drive motor heavyduty sewing machine
Direct drive motor heavyduty sewing machine

          This post does not say which brand of machine to buy.  But I agree to buy a popular brand machine available in your country.  Which brand of sewing machine can you buy ?.  Which brand of sewing machines is best and will explain in a post.

          Above I hope the specific information was helpful to you.  This information may have helped you to choose a good sewing machine.  If you have any doubts or questions in this post please comment and I will update.

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