Types of sewing tools and their uses / basic tools kit

Types of sewing tools and their uses / basic tools kit

Seewng tools kit
Sewing tools kit

●What is sewing kit?.

        Learning to sew and then sewing also requires some accessories with a sewing machine. The sewing kit is an accessory that helps us to cut the fabric properly when we sew and to make the sewing neat and quick. 

●Types of sewing tools and their uses

1. Sewing Scissors
2. measure tabe
3. Scales (clear rule) and L square
4. French curve
5. Iron box
6. Rotary cutter and Cutting Mat
7. Tracing wheel
8. Note
9. Pen
10. Pencils
11. Bobbins
12. Seam ripper
13. Threader
14. Thread nippers
15. Hemming (hand sewing) needles
16. Big needles
17. Marker chalk
18. Triangle
19. Thimble
20. Clips
21. Pin
22. Pin cushion
23. Screwdriver
24. Oil
25. Spare sewing needles
26. Pattern weights
27. Tweezers

1.sewing scissors

cloth cutting scissor for sewing
cloth cutting scissor for sewing

        A variety of scissors are used in the sewing industry.  Let’s look at some of the scissors we can use that are important in this.  1st cloth cutting scissors.  2nd pattern and paper cutting scissors.  3rd Small scissors used to cut thick cards for craft work.

        If you are a seamstress, the 1st and 2nd type scissors mentioned above are correct.  Cloth cutting scissor should not be used to cut anything other than cloth.  Using a cloth cutting scissor to cut the paper pattern will reduce the fabric cutting ability.      

2. measure inch tabe

measuring inch tape for sewing
measuring inch tape for sewing

          Inch measurements and centimeter measurements are also used in sewing.  Inch tape is a material used by tailors to measure and cut fabric. 

          Inch tape is usually used to measure a person's body and create the right size clothing for him.  For sewing use a small inch tape measuring 150 cm in size and 60 inch in size.

3. Scales (clear rule) and L square

Sewng scales types
Sewing scale types
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       Scale is used in the sewing industry to mark and cut fabrics or patterns. The scale helps to mark the required dimensions and connect them in straight lines. 

          There are three main types of scales that need to be used more often in sewing. Straight scale.  curve scale. L square scale. Fabrics can be cut to the right size using these three types of scale. 

●Types of scale to buy.

    1. One feet straight scale. (1).
    2. Two feet straight scale (1).
    3. Bend scale (1)
    4. L square scale (1)

4. French curve

French curve tool for sewing
French curve tool for sewing 
         Used to join curves when making French curve pattern in sewing. Mainly used in places like neck curve sleeve curve armhole curve. That is, we can draw curved lines to the required size and exact size using the french curve when making a pattern cut. 

        The French curve is available in large and small sizes. Manufactured and sold in Transparent plastic and Normal plastic. We can buy and use the french curve we need.

5. Iron box

Iron box for sewing and pressing
Iron box for sewing 

        The iron box can be used in the sewing industry to sew clothes easily and to fold them to the right size.  The iron box can be ironed and folded when the fabric is folded to the same size as the bar.  Can be used to fushable canvas used to make cuff , collar and neck design.  

        You can also use an iron box to iron the dresses after stitch is finished.  When using the iron box, care should be taken not to overheat it.  It is a good idea to use an automatic iron box to prevent overheating and overheating.  This will prevent the cloths from being exposed to excessive heat.
          Light whight iron box does not give proper pressing while fushing mens pant waist band and shirt collar cup canvas.  So that the canvas does not stick tightly to the fabric.  So it is advisable to buy and use a heavy weight iron box for canvas fusing only pant shirt

7. Seam ripper

Sewing tools seem ripper
Sewing tool Seem ripper

         Seam rippers are used to separate incorrectly sewn threads.  First you need to learn to separate the seams with the seam ripper.  Seams can be easily disassembled using seam rippers.  
       Thus avoiding tearing of the fabric.  (Improper pressure when separating the yarn using a seam ripper can cause the fabric to cut and tear.)

8. Fabric Marker chalk
Market chalk for sewing
Market chalk for sewing

          Marker chalk is used to mark and draw measurements when a tailor cuts to sew clothes. Measurements can be marked using a cloth marker chalk when cutting the dress.  Marked meaurements can also draw lines.                    
          This allows the fabric to be cut and sewn accurately.  Marker chalk is available in many colors.  These color marks do not cause stains on the fabric.  Will be easily destroyed.

9. Needle threader.
Threader for sewing
Threader for sewing

         The needle threader is a small device that allows the thread to be easily threaded into the needle of a sewing machine.  Using a needle threader you can also sew single or double threads on the hemming needle in the smallest eye.

10.  Thread nippers
Sewing tool thread supper
Sewing tool thread supper 

          Thread nipper is a simple miniature shape of scissors.  Often a thread nipper is used to cut the thread between the sewing machine and the fabric after the fabric is sewn on the sewing machine.  

         Thread nipper allows you to cut threads that are not cut exactly at the beginning or end of the seam on the sewn garments.  Even incorrectly sewn threads can be separated with a thread nipper.  Fabrics cannot be cut using thread nippers.

11. Rotary cutter and cutting Mat
Sewing tools Rotary cutter and cutting Mat
 Rotary cutter and cutting Mat
                 Image courtesy amazon

12. Bobbins

13.  Pencils

14. Note

15.  pen

 16. Hemming (hand sewing) needles

17. Big needles

18. Tracing wheel

19. Triangle

20. Thimble

21. Clips

22. Pin

23. Pin cushion

24. Screwdriver

25. Oil

26. Spare sewing needles

27. Pattern weights

28 Tweezers

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