brother entrepreneur pro x pr 1055 x multi-needle embroidery machine review

Brother entrepreneur pro x pr 1055 x multi-needle embroidery machine review

brother entrepreneur pro x pr 1055 x multi-needle embroidery machine
brother entrepreneur pro x pr 1055 x multi-needle embroidery machine


Display :  5.3 × 8.3 LCD touch screen

Needle threading system ; automatic

Fonts : 37 built- in fonts

Designs : 1184 built-in designs

Work space : 14"× 8" hoop area

Included hoops: 1.5" x 2", 8" x 14", 5" x 7", 4" x 4"

Frame designs - stitches :14

Frame designs - shapes : 10

Maximum speed: 1000 spm

Maximum zoom : 200%

        Hi in this post i m going to explain about the brother entrepreneur pro xpr 1055x multi-needle embroidery machine and i will discuss this machine's details with pros and cons. brother entrepreneur pro x pr 1055 x multi-needle embroidery machine is the most innovative and beneficial embroidery machine. 

        which satisfies all the properties of a perfect embroidery machine. consisting of 10 needles. it gives the ease of embroidering multiple color designs without overlapping the thread. large embroidery area and big size lcd fulfill all the needs of the embroiderer.     

         wireless connectivity resolves almost all problems regarding embroidery designs. lan connectivity and the software pe design 11 can help to connect with almost 10 embroidery machines. 

features of brother entrepreneur pro x pr 1055x 

           large size lcd of 10.1 inches 5.3 by 8.5 inches. larger embroidery surface of 14 into 8 inches. automatic threading of needles with a count of 10. embroidery speed is up to 1000 spm. sewing speed for frames can be 400 spm to 1000 spm. includes 173 embroidery designs it includes. 

           25 quilt in sashing functions and two ports for usb. it includes three four embroidery frames of sizes 14 by eight inches five by seven inches four by four inches and two by 1.5 inches. already supplied 1184 embroidery designs. 37 built-in letters and fonts basic. 

          up to 200 percent zooming capacity from machine lcd and 1600 percent from your connected mobile or ios. it has wireless connectivity options which can connect your mobile or ios by the my stitch monitor mobile app. 

benefits of brother entrepreneur pro xpr 1055x 

wireless lan connectivity 

         most beneficial feature of this machine is to provide a wireless lan system so that you can connect your mobile ios and other connecting devices on which the my stitch monitor mobile app can be installed . you can take control of all embroidery work and can connect to almost 10 machines

auto split sashing 

         by this function you can create elegant border designs and patterns perfectly suited with the quilt with a size up to 118 by 118 inches. also it has a magnetic sash frame that will hold the fabric more tightly. 

embroidery area 

         the embroidery area is kept as wide as you can perform big projects on it easily. it also includes jacket backs and quilts. this machine comes with four sizes of frames and can detect the hoop size automatically. built-in fonts and designs. it consists of 1184 embroidery designs which include 140 combinations of patterns. 40 lettering and 14 monogram fonts. 

virtual design preview 

          it shows the needle area and embroidery designs with real camera function. high speed embroidery ;-  it can perform embroidery work with the speed of 400 spm to 1000 spm which is great for an embroidery machine. 


          it provides you 10 needles to easily embroider multiple shades on your fabric with no overlapping and thread change.

 background scanning 

           built-in camera and scanner help you to view and edit the perfect embroidery design position. the scanning feature perfectly places the design where you are supposed to draw it.

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        If you want to buy the brother entrepreneur pro x pr 1055 x multi-needle embroidery machine  visit brother official website.

         I hope you found this post useful. if there's any questions related to this Post you can ask in the comment section . thanks for visiting.

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